• Beginning of the year requests



    Change of clothes (seasonally appropriate)

        in a large Ziplock baggie, name on baggie


     Sturdy 3 hole flat pencil pouch that will fit inside the one inch binder for money and important notes

    Multi-colored pencils

    Large ziplock baggies


    Sanitizer wipes



    Come by our room and pick an apple off our giving tree.

    Pick an apple off our tree,

    It will help us greatly...

    You will see!
    Giving Tree
    Items we need throughout our year:
    *Outdoor Garden needs (see link on home page)
    *Prizes for fish bowl(first three quarters) and Bear buck stores
    (last quarter) such as ring pops, bubble gum, small toys
    *SmartTarts--a bag of individually wrapped treats
    *vanilla frosting (October)
    *gold, silver, green, red glitter
      *large wooden beads
      *play dough
      *extra crayons--mostly extra browns, greens, blacks, reds
      *moveable eyes
      *soft nerf style balls
      *individual bubbles
      *small marshmallows (January)
     *jelly beans (April)