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    Classroom Rules
    Be Prepared
    Be Respectful
    Be Responsible
    Be Safe
    Our  rules are very simple but very important.  They will ensure that students follow a positive code of ethics and are always doing their best.                                           
    Discipline Policy
    We believe in implementing a positive discipline approach.  Our classrooms will have a "Pick A Prize" wall where students, who are meeting our expectations, will get to pick from a selection of prize passes that they may turn in at a time of their choosing. 
    For serious discipline issues, I follow the discipline policies that are set by our school and district.  For minor infractions, the students will be asked to take a time out.  This includes being removed from the class, with work, for a short period of time.  For continued infractions, a discipline referral is made.  I will be contacting parents to discuss behavios as well as freport the infraction to our Assistant Principal.  For serious infractions, a D-1 is completed.  At this point, discipline is handled by and administrator.  Copies of all forms are sent to families and kept on file at the school.


    NEW Grading Policy

    Students will be graded on a 10 points scale (below).  All work is expected to be turned in on time.  If a student chooses to not turn in their work the day it is due, their grade will drop one letter grade for every day it is late.  This excludes students who are absent the day that work is assigned or due (see homework policy)
    Grading Scale for 2012-2013 School Year
    A 100-90
    B  89-80
    C  79-70
    D  69-60
    F 59 and below