• Discipline Policy


    My philosophy for teaching is such that my classroom will be a combination of interaction as well as quiet work time. It has been proven that children do not learn when they are not involved in the process. Your child will be involved in discussions, group activities, hands-on projects, as well as one on one conferences with me. Having this type of atmosphere in the classroom does however lend itself to needing rules just like anything else in life. I have just a few rules that I expect your child to follow.  


    Rules and Expectations:

    1.     Be on your best behavior in the classroom, hall, cafeteria, and specials.

    2.    Complete your homework every night.

    3.     Complete your class work everyday.

    4.     Stay in your seat while the teacher is talking.

    5.     Try to avoid unnecessary bathroom breaks out of the classroom during

    teaching time. We will have four scheduled breaks in our day. They will go to the bathroom before school, 10:00, after lunch, and 1:30 before recess.


    ** Students should use their best manners at all times, be respectful to others, be a good listener and ALWAYS do their best!