• Want to help schools but don't know how?


    There are opportunities to VOLUNTEER , get involved with a CLUB at the school, or MENTOR A SENIOR PROJECT. These are great opportunities for those with TIME to share and don't require you to be big in the MONEY department.

    If you have the opposite problem and don't have TIME (or even if you do), there are options for  FUNDING PROJECTS and granting teacher requests for getting SUPLIES, funding FIELD TRIPS, and bringing in special  SPEAKERS that cost MONEY. One very nice option for this, that many of us at East also use, is DonorsChoose.org where we post what we need and contributors  FUND it for our classrooms. A lot of people give a little bit, and it buys books for those who need them, overhead projectors, field trips, and experiences that can make learning fun.

    There are opportunities all over the country and right here at home. How ever you choose to help out...

    Get involved. It makes a difference. It makes you feel good, and it's worth it!