• Honors Biology Project 2010-2011
         All students enrolled in a 2010 Honors's Biology class are required to complete an Honor's Project (this project is in addition to any other project an individual teacher may assign).
    This project will consist of three components that will be extended over the length of the course. Each component will comprise 20% of each quarter grade. Rubrics will be provided that will guide the student in the completion of the project. This is an independent research project in which eachstudent will be able to choose his or her own topic. A list of ideas will be provided, but students may deviate from the list. All project topics must be approved by the teacher. Two students in the same class may not choose the same topic. Parents and students should feel free to ask questions that arise throughout the project.
    Project Components
    1st Nine Weeks- Interview and Poster: STudents will interview a professional. This person should have ample knowledge of the topic. The interview MUST be incorporated into the presentation that will be due second nine weeks. Posters or some sort of informational board should be designed and will also be used in teh final portion of the project.
    DUE OCTOBER 12, 2010
    2nd Nine Weeks- Research Paper: Students will write a research paper about their chosen topic.
    • Paper requirements3 resources with a works cited page in MLA format
    • typed
    • 1 inch margins
    • double spaced
    • 12 pt font
    • name and class period in upper right hand corner
    • title in the top center of first page (no separate title page)
    • maximum of 10 pages

    DUE DECEMBER 7, 2010

    Oral Presentation- Students will present their project to the class. They will rpesent information gained from teh Research Paper and interview. The use of visual aids (posters, display boards etc) is required during the presentation. Your presentation must be 5-8 minutes.
    DUE DECEMBER 7, 2010