• Our "Student of the Week" Schedule:
    Student of the Week is your student's week of recognition.  On Monday of his/her week, he/she should bring a poster telling about themselves in pictures, words, drawings, stickers, or a combination of ways.  There is not a set form to follow - it should reflect your child's personality!  Your student will share the poster, it will hang in the room for at least a week, and is then placed out in the hallway for at least a week.  Your student will also have special jobs throughout their week and can bring a share (show and tell) each day during this week.  We invite parents (or grandparents or both!) to schedule a day to come to the room to visit and do something special with the class, i.e.;   read your child's favorite book, share about your child, sing songs, play an instrument, do an easy craft with the class, anything you feel comfortable in doing.  By far, the most common shares are reading a book and telling a story about the student!  We encourage you to have lunch with your student on this day and then plan the visit for right after lunch.  As the last "special" event, your child will bring our class mascot home for the week-end on Friday afternoon.  Student of the Week weeks are scheduled only on weeks with five school days.
    Remember to bring your poster on Monday, a share each day, and schedule a parent visit!
    Week Of: 
     9/12 -  
     9/19 -  
     9/26 -
    10/3 -
    10/10 -
    10/17 -
    10/24 -  
    10/31 -
    11/14 -
    11/28 -   
    12/12 -
     1/9 -
     2/6 -    
     2/20 -  
     2/27 -
     3/6 -
     3/13 -  
     3/20 -
     4/3 - 
     4/17 -open week
     4/24 -
     5/1 -  
     5/8 -
     5/16 -  
     5/22 -