Web Sites of Interest

    The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) www.afb.org

    The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) is a national nonprofit that expands possibilities for the more than 25 million people with vision loss in the U.S.

    AFB's priorities include broadening access to technology; elevating the quality of information and tools for the professionals who serve people with vision loss; and promoting independent and healthy living for people with vision loss by providing them and their families with relevant and timely resources. AFB's work in these areas is supported by its strong presence in Washington, DC, ensuring the rights and interests of Americans with vision loss are represented in our nation's public policies.

    AFB is based in New York, and maintains the Public Policy Center in Washington, DC; the AFB Center on Vision Lossin Dallas, TX; AFB TECHin Huntington, WV; and offices in Atlanta and San Francisco. AFB is also proud to house the Helen Keller Archivesand honor the more than forty years that Helen Kellerdedicated to working with AFB.


     Contact information:

    1-800-AFB-LINE (232-5463)

    AFB Headquarters
    2 Penn Plaza, Suite 1102
    New York, NY 10121
    (212) 502-7600



    National Braille Press    www.nbp.org

    National Braille Press is a Boston-based nonprofit braille printing and publishing house founded in 1927.

    Last year NBP pressed 15 million braille pages using special translation software and computer-driven equipment.



    Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired


    The Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (TSBVI) serves as a special public school in the continuum of statewide placements for students who have a visual impairment. It is also a statewide resource to parents of these children and professionals who serve them. Students, ages 6 through 21, who are blind, deafblind, or visually impaired, including those with additional disabilities, are eligible for consideration for services at TSBVI.

    Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired
    1100 W. 45th St.
    Austin, TX 78756

    Switchboard: (512) 454-8631
    Toll Free Recording Number: 1-800-872-5273
    TDD (512) 206-9451
    FAX Number: (512) 206-9450




    National Federation for the Blind    www.nfb.org

    With more than 50,000 members, the National Federation of the Blind is the largest and most influential membership organization of blind people in the United States.  The NFB improves blind peoples lives through advocacy, education, research, technology, and programs encouraging independence and self-confidence.  It is the leading force in the blindness field today and the voice of the nation's blind.  In January 2004 the NFB opened the National Federation of the Blind Jernigan Institute, the first research and training center in the United States for the blind led by the blind.

    The NFB has affiliates in all fifty states plus Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico, and over seven hundred local chapters.


    The ultimate purpose of the National Federation of the Blind is the complete integration of the blind into society on a basis of equality. This objective involves the removal of legal, economic, and social discriminations; the education of the public to new concepts concerning blindness; and the achievement by all blind people of the right to exercise to the fullest their individual talents and capacities. It means the right of the blind to work along with their sighted neighbors in the professions, common callings, skilled trades, and regular occupations.

    Changing What It Means To Be Blind

    It is estimated that over one million persons in the U.S. are blind and each year 50,000 more will become blind. Studies show that only AIDS and cancer are feared more than blindness. However, blindness need not be the tragedy which it is generally thought to be.  

    The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) is a consumer organization of blind people working together to improve opportunities for the blind and the understanding of blindness by the general public. The NFB has affiliates in all fifty states, in the District of Columbia, and in Puerto Rico, and over seven hundred local chapters in most major cities. There are currently more than fifty thousand members nationwide.


    American Printing House


    APH is the world's largest provider of accessible educational and daily living products, with over 150 years of service.


    APH's Mission

    The American Printing House for the Blind promotes independence of blind and visually impaired persons by providing specialized materials, products, and services needed for education and life.

    Family Connect
       Family Connect is an online magazine for families with a visually impaired child. Information is available by age groups: infants and toddlers, preschoolers, grade schoolers, and teenagers.
    It is created by AFB and The National Association for Parents of Children with Visual Impairments

    Journal of Visual Impairments and Blindness
     JVIB is the premier international, interdisciplinary journal of record on blindness and visual impairment that publishes scholarship and information and serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas, airing of controversies, and discussion of issues. JVIB is a monthly publication that includes research articles, as well as shorter pieces of interest to practitioners and extensive news coverage about the field of visual impairment.
    JVIB is available online for a minimal yearly fee.