• Curriculum for Kindergarten 15 - 16

    On Going all Year

    Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Phonics, Speaking)

    ·        Book and Print Awareness

    ·        Retells a narrative and an informational text

    ·        Understands, answers, and uses question words

    ·        Prints upper/lower case letters

    ·        Produces rhyming words

    ·        Segments words into phonemes/syllables

    ·        Blends onsets and rimes

    ·        Reads high frequency words

    ·        Reads emergent reader leveled text

    ·        Associates sounds to consonants, consonant patterns and short/long vowels

    ·        Applies decoding/comprehension skills to a variety of texts


    ·        Observe and record weather


    First Quarter Skills

    Language Arts

    ·        Uses drawings, dictation and writing to narrate a single event.  Tells events in order and provides a reaction to what happened.


    ·        Count and compare numbers 0-10

    ·        Identify and describe shapes

    ·        Measureable attributes of objects


    ·        Structures and functions of living things (compare characteristics of animals and non living things

    Social Studies

    ·        Roles of a citizen

    ·        Changes over time (seasons, human growth)

    Second Quarter Skills

     Language Arts

    ·        Capitalize first word in a sentence and pronoun I

    ·        Recognize and name ending punctuation

    ·        Identify main idea and supporting details in text

    ·        Understand multi-meaning words

    ·        Uses most frequently used inflections and affixes (-ed, -ing, -s, un-, re-, pre-) as clues to unknown words

    Math (DPI mid year assessment)

    ·        Counts numbers/sets to 20

    ·        Classifies/sorts objects by number

    ·        Model addition/subtraction to 10

    ·        Apply addition/subtraction to 10


    ·        Forces and Motion (positions, the way objects and organisms move)

    Social Studies

    ·        Maps and Our Surroundings



    Third Quarter Skills

    Language Arts

    ·        Forms regular plural nouns by adding /s/ or /es/

    ·        Spells simple words phonetically

    ·        Compose an opinion piece


    ·        Representations of numbers to 20

    ·        Add/Subtract to 10/Fluent to 5

    ·        Identify/Model 2D and 3D shapes

    ·        Describe/Compare attributes



    ·        Matter: Properties/Change (physical properties of a variety of materials)

    Social Studies

    ·        Interacting with the Environment (adaptations to weather conditions, use environment to  meet basic wants/need for shelter, food, and clothing)



    Fourth Quarter Skills

    Language Arts

    ·        Antonyms

    ·        Distinguish shades of meaning among verbs  describing a general action (walk, march, strut, prance) by acting out meanings

    ·        Compose informative/explanatory piece

    Math      (DPI EOY Assessment)

    ·        Count/Compare objects to 20

    ·        Compose/Decompose 11-19

    ·        Solve addition/subtraction to 10 (various types of story problems)

    ·        Counting/Sorting objects


    ·        Earth systems (compare and draw conclusions about weather patterns over the seasons)

    Social Studies

    ·        Roles of a citizen in the Home and Beyond (obeying rules in the home/neighborhood provides safety and promotes fairness and resolves conflict)

    ·        We are the World (Similarities/differences amongst people and their cultures)


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