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    All Science Fair Projects
    There are 500 science fair projects with complete instructions. You can browse the projects according to level (elementary, middle school, high school) or topic. Useful links for a better project are also included.
    CDLI: Science Fairs Homepage
    At this site from the Center for Distance Learning and Innovation there's a monstrous listing of possible science fair projects. You can choose from primary (grades 1-4), elementary (grades 4-6), intermediate (grades 7-9), or senior (grades 10-12). Physics, Electricity, Meteorology, Chemistry, Biology, and, as they say, much much more. The site does not provide directions for doing the projects, just the ideas for getting started.
    PBS Kids Science Fair
    PBS Kids offers advice and ideas for super science fair projects.
    Science Fair Central
    Here is a place to find many science fair project ideas.

    Useful Links Science Sites

    FEMA for kids - weather
    FEMA's site for children has information about how to be prepared for disasters and the hows and whys of weather pattern formations. There are also coloring pages and weather related stories for children.
    This website is full of interesting information and links to other sites about the honeybee. It is sponsored by the NC State Beekeepers Association.
    Jefferson Lab Education
    Jefferson Labs sponsors this website which is full of information about the periodic table, the atom, and other related topics. It is also a great site for educational games to help learn about the elements and the periodic table.
    Kids Astronomy
    Kids Astronomy has useful information about our universe and the solar system as well as fun and educational on-line games.
    Nasa - Weather
    SciJinks has games and facts about different types of weather. Suggestions for weather related science fair projects can also be found at this site.
    Nasa for Kids
    Sponsored by NASA this website has facts about space as well as games, art and stories and science activities to try.
    Roller Coaster Builder
    Design your own roller coaster out of track pieces. After you have placed the track pieces, roll your ball to see how far it goes!
    Sound - exploring animal sounds and song
    A fun site with sound memory games.
    Sound - wild music
    Test your hearing and how it compares with other animals. You can also see how your hearing compares to a babies.
    Yucky Discovery
    A fun site with information on earthworm, roaches and many other wonderfully interesting yucky and gross things to explore. There are also fun games to play.