CLASS NEWSLETTER
                                                     THERE'S NO BUSINESS LIKE SCHOOL BUSINESS
                                         Welcome to third grade. 
                                                              Helpful Sites
                                             www.ixl.com    Math skills 
                                             www.quizlet.com    This site contains a wonderful practice test for Wordly Wise.
                                             www.multiplication.com   This is a great way to study your facts  
                                             www.wsfcs.k12.nc.us  To view third grade curriculum topics visit this site and go to schools.
                                                  Select Sherwood Forest and the curriculum tab can be found.
                                             www.nationalgeographickids.com  This site is designed with daily questions for those interested.
                                                                 Helpful Tips
                                                 Reading Response Suggestions
                                            Here are ways to help your child with nightly reading.  Below is a list of topics that may
                                            be discussed after reading.
                                             The hero in this story is ______________because...
                                             The story reminds me of a book I read called ______________because...
                                             I was surprised when.......
                                             My least favorite character is ________________because______-
                                             This book would/would not make a good movie because_______________
                                              If I were (character) I would have_________________
                                             The most important event in the story was _______________
                                              I think the overall theme of the story is _______________ because......
                  WHAT'S DUE
              ~Nightly Reading                                         Card due on Friday
              ~Spelling Test  and Homework                    Friday
              ~Math Test                                                   End of units Dates will be announced
              ~Reading Test                                              Friday
              ~Wordly Wise                                             B i-Weekly Test on Thursday
              ~Tuesday packet                                           Due Wednesday