You must send a written note signed by a parent or guardian to the teacher stating
    how you want your child to leave school. If an unexpected situation arises, you must email
    the teacher and call the school so the teacher can be notified to check  
    her email. We CANNOT make a change over the telephone because
    we cannot verify your identity over the phone.
    Bus Riders 
    At Southwest Elementary School, we are particularly concerned about the safety of your child on the school bus.  It is important the the home and school work together on this matter.  We ask that you sit down with your child and discuss how he or she can help the bus driver transport all students safely.  Students who do not follow the rules of good bus behavior will receive bus conduct notices, and will be referred to the principal or assistant principal for disciplinary action.  Students who do not follow the rules may have their bus riding privileges suspended.  A loss of bus privileges does not constitute grounds for an excused absence. 

    AR 5131.1 Discipline on School Buses

    Child with Seat Belt2
    Car Riders
    Car riders will be dropped off and picked up in the parking lot at the end of the covered walkway.  Do not try to pick up your child from other areas including the annex building, mobile classroom areas, or side doors.  All afternoon car riders should be in the cafeteria by 2:40 each day.  Parents need to stay in your car in the car line.  EVERY DAY display the Southwest car rider placard on your rear view mirror.  A staff member will radio your child's name to the cafeteria where your child will be called and given the assigned pickup station number (1-6).  You will be given this number when the staff member reads the name on your Southwest placard.  When you pull into the loading area, stop at the number you were given.  If you do not have your Southwest placard, you will be asked to park and come into the building to sign out your child.  Thank you for your wonderful cooperation!
Last Modified on June 27, 2018