• First Grade
    First Grade Teachers

    Kathi Lawrence
    Jennifer Sheek
    Brittany Smith
    Dameka Stowe-Hosch
    Bri Burris - TA
    We Believe In Encouraging students to display positive moral values within their school and community. Providing students with what they need to be successful academically, physically, and emotionally. Where collaboration is present success is the outcome. Holding students accountable academically and socially.
    We expect students to have an understanding of math facts, base ten, problem solving, telling time, measurement, money, data collection and interpretation, shape division, and geometry concepts. Be able to read and complete written comprehension questions. Students should have knowledge of letter and sounds. They should be able to write an informative, narrative, explanatory, and opinion piece. Students should understand rules in the community, school, and home. Explore and discuss various cultures and geographical concepts. They should also have a basic understanding of economics and history. We will explore force and motion, properties of earth and the universe, earth systems, and ecosystems.
    Classroom Rotations
    •100th day of School
    •Holidays around the world
    •Earth Day Rotation
    •Black History Rotation

Last Modified on November 17, 2022