Sherry Marceron
    Falisha Smith
    Bethany Singleton
    Amanda Landen (HAG)
    Amy Tilley (AIG)


    Third Grade Curriculum

    English Language Arts

    • Produce narrative, opinion and informational writing using digital tools 
    • Use phonics strategies to decode and spell words
    • Information text 
    • Fictional text
    • Genres of text
    • character traits
    • Main idea
    • Theme
    • Sequencing 
    • Vocabulary


    Students will:

    • Reason with shapes and their attributes 
    • Understand the concept of area and perimeter
    • Represent and interpret data
    • Solve problems involving measurement 
    • Understand fractions as numbers 
    • Generalize place value, understanding multi-digit numbers
    • Use place value to add and subtract
    • Explore patterns of numbers 
    • Solve two-step word problems 
    • Represent and solve problems involving multiplication and division

    Social Studies

    Students will:

    • Understand how the values and beliefs of individuals and groups influence communities 
    • Understand the structure and function of state and local government
    • Understand how economic decisions and resources affect the local economy 
    • Understand how geography impacts the development of regions and communities 
    • Understand how various people and historical events have shaped local communities


    • Forces and Motion
    • Properties and Change 
    • Conservation and Transfer 
    • Earth in the Universe 
    • Earth's Systems, Structures and Processes
    • Human Body Systems
    • Ecosystems (Plants)

    *HAG will work up to two grade levels ahead and vertically aligned.

    *AIG will workup to one grade level ahead and vertically aligned.

Third Grade Curriculum

Third Grade AIG Curriculum

Third Grade HAG Curriculum

Last Modified on October 16, 2023