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    This website contains practice (listening & writing) activities, games, songs, etc. for all levels of learners. 
    Vocabulary Practice - Flashcards and Games for Realidades levels 1,2 and 3
    Quizlet.com is another resource for vocabulary practice.  You do not have to register either.  Just select the level/chapter you need to practice.  There are other textbook series vocabulary practice, so chose the correct one.  You should know by the vocabulary.
    Dia de los muertos - Article from University of Texas at Austin
    Dia de los Muertos - Day of the Dead

    Find useful information here about the celebration that begins on November 1 called El Dia de los Muertos - the Day of the Dead.  You might just be surprised by what you learn, so come on and haz click!!

    Dia de los muertos fotos - Day of the dead pics
    Look at the beautiful photographs of the Day of the Dead celebration in Santiago Pinotepa Nacional, Oxaca, Mexico.
    Interactive map quizzes
    Study for your Spanish speaking countries with capitals quiz and map test by using this link. 
    Preterite and Imperfect Flashcards

    You can print off these flashcards! 

    Preterite vs. Imperfect website

      For those of you having trouble in Spanish 2 with the preterite and imperfect, try this website. 

    Realidades textbook website

    This website allows students access to additional practice activities for grammar and vocabulary.  Also, students can listen to the vocabulary being spoken by a native speaker.  Students do not have to download the information to their computer in order to listen.  You do not have to log-in to the Successnet just click on where it reads Click here and follow the links Course Content, World Languages, Student Textbook Companion Sites, then Realidades.  Choose the correct level of textbook.
    Warning:  You may have to adjust your internet settings to make this site accessible.

    Spanish 1, 2 and 3 - Need extra help? LOOK HERE!

    If you are struggling, look here for help.  Each activity gives instant feedback.  Some of them even give an explaination, such as, why do you use the verb in the preterite as opposed to the imperfect .

    Spanish Dictionary
    This site can be very useful for those who want to learn more through a variety of media, such as videos and audio language lessons.  Also, there are quizzes to test your knowledge of the Spanish language.  This is a realy cool and helpful website!  Check it out! And, while you are at it, sign up.  It is free!  However, as always, please be careful when going to a new website.  Parents please be sure to monitor your child's use of the computer.  
    Spanish speaking countries and capitals mini quiz
    Spanish speaking countries interactive map

    Click on the map to quiz yourself about each country. 

    Spanish tutorial - Beginners to Intermediate
    This is an approved website by the WSFCS Instructional Resource Center.  Students will be able to access lessons, watch videos, etc. 
    Wake County Public School System free Spanish 1 lessons

    This site is for Spanish 1 students in which to get extra help or for those who take their time in learning and/or would like to view information multiiple times.  You may view and/or download and save to your computer or you MP4.

    Visit this site in order to learn useful phrases that don't make sense when translated literally.  Check it out! 
    Visit my Wiki page to ask questions, make comments, get additional help, etc.  All you need is your username and password that I gave you. 
    This is a great sight for looking up words in context.  There are also discussion forums that can give extra insight into what you are looking for.