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    Classroom Behavior Plan


    Dear Parents,


           This year your child will be using a stick behavior system.  Each day, I will indicate on your child’s homework checklist your child’s behavior.  If your child has had a great day, I will circle “Great Day”, “Awesome” or “Way to Go”…whatever the positive word is for the week.  If it has not been a good day, he/she will receive a rule number(s) indicating the area(s) that need(s) attention.  I like to recognize my students’ good behavior.  I give verbal praises, hugs, and stickers for good behavior.  When your child receives 15 checks on our great behavior classroom chart he/she will get to go to the treasure chest on Fridays.  The rule numbers are listed below so you can go over each rule number with your child. Please encourage your child to make good choices during the week.


    Our Classroom Rules:


    1.     Always do your best work.

    2.     Listen when someone is speaking.

    3.     Raise your hand to speak.

    4.     Be a caring friend.

    5.     Follow directions quickly.