• Our Day     school days
    We have a very busy classroom! Students are from both 4th and 5th grade classes and go to many school activities with their regular education peers. Their class "buddies" come and take them to art, music, lunch, recess and other school events. In this way, my students develop friendships within the general education curriculum.
    Mrs. Greeson and I  keep our students very involved with learning!  Students are in two reading groups each day one is using a Direct Instruction approach that I typically teach. This curriculum uses a systematic, scripted lesson that delivers lessons that truly works in teaching my students to read. For more information click on  http://www.sraonline.com/  The other reading group is a less formal approach with a more "reading for fun" attitude. This group may read and perform plays, along with high interest but a low level of reading to show that reading can be a fun past time.
    Our core Math skills are taught using the TouchMath method. Children learn number concepts by placing touchpoints on the numbers 1 through 9. By counting forward students learn to add. By counting backward students learn to subtract. With skip counting students learn to multiply and divide. It's a wonderful kinesthetic approach to math. No longer is math the dreaded subject that so many students avoid!