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    Our class has rules just like all the other classes at Southwest that include showing kindness and understanding toward others. Each child has certain abilities as well as challenges that make him or her unique. We work toward success by building on strengths and decreasing weaknesses.
    Students are to show respect to teachers as well as other classmates. When rules are broken and I am unable to teach others due to poor behavior then one of the 4 cards each student has is removed from the wall. As the day progresses it is everyone's job to keep all their cards. The number of cards each student has at the end of the day is noted in their take home planner. Parents have the responsibility to sign the planner each evening. This lets me know that their child's behavior as well as homework assignment has been observed each day. If a student has kept all their cards then at the end of the day they get a small piece of candy as well as write their name on a slip of paper that allows them a chance to win a prize at the end of the month. At the end of the week if a students hasn't had a card removed the whole week then they get to choose a piece of "nicer" candy. During the day when students are "caught being good" they get stickers as rewards on their sticker sheet. On the last day of the month these stickers are counted, the one with the most gets  first chance at the prize box. The second place winner also gets a prize. Then a chance card is pulled for one other person to get a prize. This is a big deal and the students always look forward to the last day of the month!