Morgan Elementary School

    Third Grade News             Mrs. Rosenberger


    January 10, 2017 
    Our new year is moving quickly!  Here are some schedule changes.    Our Spelling test will be next Friday, but the children will receive the words when they return to school.

    Please keep practicing for the weekly timed tests.  Passing these is essential to passing math for the quarter.  We will have the test on the threes on Friday this week.  The test on the four facts will be next Thursday.   There are many ways to help your child learn his/her multiplication facts.  You should focus on one group of numbers (for example, the three facts), until your child has learned them well.  Flash cards are an old standby that really works.  Have your child set a timer and see how many he/she can do in one minute, then keep trying to increase the amount.  Writing the facts also helps.  Your angel can write the facts on paper, a white board, or with shaving cream on the bathtub wall.  Skip counting is also a great method.  Finally, there are computer programs to help with practicing.  Here are some websites to help.  Some are better than others.  

    Cool Math - Math games 

    Multiplication.com -   Multiplication games 

    Flash Cards - Flash cards to practice math facts 

    3rd Grade Math - This site has practice for everything 

    Baseball Multiplication - Play baseball against the computer 

    Multiplication Games - Games with multiplication

    We will have an ice cream party after we finish all the fact tests.  Your child will get a scoop of ice cream or topping for each fact they he/she passes.  In order to get the ice cream, your darling must pass with a 95%.  

    We will also begin our Skip Counting Club.  For each fact that your child can skip count quickly, he/she will receive a treat.  They must learn the facts up to multiplying by ten.  For instance, the three facts would be 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, and 30.