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    ·       Reading 3D: DIBELS Next and Text Reading Comprehension (TRC)

    o  DIBELS - Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills

    o  Kindergarten – 3rd grade

    o  Benchmarks three times a year

    § Beginning of Year (BOY): Sept – Oct

    § Middle of Year (MOY): Jan – Feb

    § End of Year (EOY): April – May

    o  Progress Monitoring: every 2 weeks for high risk, monthly for some risk, and quarterly for on grade level

    o  One-on-one administrations, with the exceptionof one group administered 3-minute assessment in 3rd grade

    ·       W-APT: WiDA-ACCESS Placement Test

    o  Screener for Kindergarten students where another language is spoken in the home

      Determines whether a child will be designated as limited English proficient (LEP)

    o  One-on-one assessment (not group assessed)

    o  First 30 days of school year


    ·       CogAT and ITBS (forAcademically Gifted screening)

    o  Second grade and select 5th grade students

    o  Each test is a 3 day administration

    o  CogAT – Cognitive Abilities Test (aptitude)

    § Tested in October

    o  ITBS – Iowa Test ofBasic Skills (achievement)

    § Students who score high enough on CogAT take ITBS in November

    ·    Beginning of Grade 3 Reading test (BOG3)

    o  Requirement for the Read to Achieve legislation (G.S. §115C-83.1C)

    o  Will be used to measure teacher growth for determining eligibility to teach summer reading camps, as well as a baseline measure of beginning third-grade students’ reading skills

    o  Tested in the first 11 – 15 days of school(Sept)

    ·       Local Benchmarks –End-of-Quarter (EOQ)

    o  Diagnostic assessments created by WSFCS

    o  Given at the end of first, second and third quarters (Oct, Jan and Mar)

    o  Assesses core subjects (Math, Reading, Science)

    ·       READY End-of-Grade Assessments (EOG)

    o  Given in the last three weeks of school

    o  English Language Arts(ELA)/Reading andMathematics: Grades 3 – 5

    § Currently a paper/pencil test

    § Multiple choice and gridded response (Grade 5 math only)

    o  Science Grade 5 (online)


    o  Alternate assessments for Students withDisabilities (SWD)

    § NCEXTEND1 – for students with significantcognitive disabilities being taught the Extended Content Standards