• Car Rider Information




    Please help us keep your child safe by following all the procedures that we have in place.
    • Car riders must be dropped off and picked up only in the designated area of the school.  Please do not try to pick up your child from any other area.


    • Parents please stay in your car in the car line.  Avoid talking on the cell phone as this may distract you.


    • Keep your child's name displayed on your rear view mirror until the child is in your vehicle!  This will help all the adults trying to load your child.  Please make sure that whoever is picking up your child has one of these or he/she will be asked to go in the office to sign your child out.  


    • There are six stations for loading the children.  Just pull up to the station called out for your child, and your child will be waiting there.


    • If for some reason your child is not at the number, we may ask you to pull up and wait.    

    Thank you for your cooperation!