Classroom Rules:
    Be on time
    Follow Directions
    Two feet on the floor
    Do your best!
    Reading Programs
    Corrective Reading and Reading Mastery:  These programs provide direct instruction and are quickly paced, use mastery teaching, and use positive reinforcement to move the children along with their reading skills. Ongoing progress monitoring is used to monitor student growth.  Students will earn points in this program that will be used to determine their reading grade. I have had good success with these programs and I am looking forward to seeing progress continue.  
                                                  "STAR" Rules for Reading Programs:
                                                                 Sit up
                                                                 Answer on signal
                                                                 Respect others
    For more information about Corrective Reading and Reading Mastery, visit www.SRAonline.com

     HillRAP Reading Achievement Program:  This reading program provides systematic techniques for academic remediation.  Components of the program include DRILL, PHONOLOGICAL AWARENESS, WORD ATTACK, SIGHT WORDS, FLUENCY, VOCABULARY, and COMPREHENSION
    Math Programs
    Students who have IEP goals in math will be using Touch Math and Number Worlds to complete their work.  These programs use a systematic approach to teach each concept with frequent review and increased opportunity for practice. 
    Writing Program
    Students getting service in the area of writing will be working on specific need areas as well as using the Reasoning and Writing program. This is an SRA direct instruction program that works on writing skills as well as listening and following directions.