• Classroom Tidbits

    I am always available to address any question/concern you may have regarding your child throughout the year.  I am more than happy to help in any way I can.  The BEST way to reach me is through my school e-mail address.  I am able to check it at least twice a day, and will respond as soon as I am available to do so within that day.  Phone calls to the school are not put through unless an emergency situation arises.  All phone messages left for me are placed in my staff mailbox in the staff lounge, which I visit only twice a day at lunch time and after school.  If you do not have computer access, a written note would be fine as well.  This would travel back and forth with your child, so please help encourage them with this responsibility.  My e-mail address is located on the welcome page of this website, or for immediate reference, it is kgsutcliffe@wsfcs.k12.nc.us 
    In our classroom, we have many responsibilities.  To help us grow as students and individuals, we have accountability for these responsibilities.  Mrs. Sutcliffe has a Daily Behavior Chart in the classroom, that will hold a clip for each student in the class.  Students are located on the Green section each morning, and can earn their way up or down the behavior scale throughout the day based on their choices.  Please refer to your child's daily planner for the reference and explanation of this chart.  The coordinating color will be marked daily on your child's weekly assignment sheet in the designated area.  Everyone makes mistakes, but we truly grow as individuals when we learn from our actions and make adjustments accordingly.  This form of reinforcement of accountability has proven to work very well in the classroom, and many students have had success as a result.
    A "general" supply list is sent home at the beginning of the school year.  These are suggested items from the school district for second and third graders.  Please refer to the additional hand out at Open House for specific classroom suggestions, however these are not requirements.  Watch for notes on your child's weekly homework sheet for updates on diminishing supplies in need of replenishment.