•  General Class Information
    If you wish to send a snack in with child that will be fine. As the students eat a quick snack we will continue to work. This snack time will be during our I/E block. If your child wishes to have a snack, please send them in with a healthy, non-messy snack only. NO candy will be permitted. All students will need to bring their own snack each day. 
    Notes Regarding Transportation Changes
    If there is a change in how your child is getting home from school, you will need to send a note stating such changes. I am required to send such notes to the office for approval and to have a copy made. Please do not write these types of notes in your child's planner. You may send me an e-mail about such changes if you wish. I will then print a copy and send to the office.
    Sick Notes
    Please follow the same procedures as the above stated for Transportation notes. Please also note that I am required to code all absences as unexcused unless you have sent me a note to explain the absence.
    Rating Scale - (grades)
    4- Exceeds grade level expectations; Shows deep understanding
    3- Meets grade level expectations; Shows consistent understanding
    2- Making progress toward meeting grade level expectations; Shows inconsistent understanding
    1- Does not meet grade level expectations; Having considerable difficulty
    Rating Scale - (personal/social development and work habits) 
    S- Satisfactory
    N- Needs Improvement
    U- Unsatisfactory