Morgan Mavericks
    Classroom Rules:
    Listen when teacher is talking
    Follow directions quickly
    Raise your hand to speak
    Make smart choices
    Class Dojo: 
     Students earn points for making good choices in class. Points can also be deducted for poor choices. Parents are encouraged to monitor students'behavior by setting up an account on Class Dojo.  Students are rewarded for every ten points they earn.  Below is a list of rewards.
    10 points- Treat jar
    20 points- Write in color pen
    30 points- Bring a furry friend from home
    40 points- Show and Tell
    50 points- Stinky Feet Award
    60 points- No homework pass
    70 points -Sit in teacher's chair
    80 points- Lunch with a friend
    90 points- Lunch outside
    100- Sweet treat from teacher 
    Grading Policy:
    report card
    clipart courtesy of gothamschools.org
    100-90 =A
    89- 80 =B
    79-70 =C
    Below 60 = F
    Homework Policy:
    *Expect homework Monday through Thursday night in reading, spelling and math.
    *All homework should be completed on loose leaf notebook paper.
    * Homework will be collected daily and checked.