Ready EOG Prep!

    Before the Test:

    1. Go to Bed Early!
    2. Eat a Good Breakfast!

    Multipule Choise Test

    1. Read the Questions and ALL answer choises before making a decision!
    2. Don't spend too much time on one question. Do you best and MOVE ON!
    3. Don't change your answers unless you are very certain that it is wrong! YOUR FIRST ANSWER IS USUALLY RIGHT!
    4. Answer all question! Make the most intelligent choice you can!
    5. If you can eliminate 2 wrong answers, your chance of choosing the right one is greater!
    6. Don't guess blindly! Make an educated guess!
    7. If you finish early check over ALL answers! READ THE SELECTION AGAIN!
    8. Look for KEY words and phrases to help you answer questions!
    9. Fill in bubbles neatly and erase stray marks!
    10. Remember it is OK not to know EVERYTHING!