• Classroom Rules
    1.  I will respect others.
    2.  I will keep my hands to myself.
    3.  I will use my time wisely and do my best.
    4.  I will talk when it is appropriate.
    5.  I will listen and follow directions.

    When your child has a great day at school and has shown he/she can make wise choices, your child will color the behavior calendar green.  If your child is making poor choices he/she will get a verbal warning with no consequence.  If your child continues to struggle to make wise choices in an area, then he/she will color their behavior yellow for a warning.  After the warning, if your child continues to struggle with the same issues, he/she will color their behavior red.  The number circled for a yellow or red day will indicate the area(s) your child needs to work on to make better choices.  Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.  I really appreciate your support!