• First Quarter Reading, Writing and Language Arts Topics

    Identify alphabet letters capital and lowercase out of sequence
    Identify and produce alphabet sounds
    Write alphabet letters capital and lowercase
    Identify high frequency words
    Identify classmates names
    Identify rhyming words
    Learning to use picture clues to identtify unfamiliar words
    Sounding out and blending sounds in unfamiliar words
    Identify first middle and last sounds in words
    Write name with first letter capitalized followed by lowercase
    Identify order of words in a spoken sentence as first, middle, or last
    Work on pencil control and various strokes to create letters of the alphabet
    Correctly order letters in name
    Segment words into syllables
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  • First Quarter Social Studies Topics

    SOAR expectations
    We are all alike, we are all different
    Communities - school and classroom
    Friends and Families
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  • First Quarter Science Topics

    Apples - growth cycle
    Pets - characteristics
    Fall / Autumn - change in season, weather, leaves
    Animals - Structures and Funtions
    Scientists - focus on terms DATA and OBSERVATION
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  • First Quarter Math Topics

    Identifying numbers 0 - 10
    Ordering numbers 0 -10
    Making a set for numbers 0 - 10
    Represesnt numbers 0 - 10 on a 10 frame
    Count objects with 1 to 1 correspondence (within the range 1 - 10)
    Write numbers 0 - 10
    Understand positional words
    Sort objects by a given rule
    Order groups from more to less
    Identify plane shapes and their characteristics
    Understand terms more, less, and equal
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