Speech and Language Therapy at Southwest


    The speech and language pathologists at Southwest Elementary serve students with a variety of communication disorders, including articulation, language, fluency, and voice.   If you have a concern about your child's communication skills, please talk with your child's teacher about your concerns and whether or not a referral to the MTSS Team is worthwhile.  

    If speech and/or language therapy is warranted for your child, we provide a variety of service models to meet his/her needs.  These models are:  individual/small group pull-out therapy, inclusion in the regular classroom, and speech centers.

     Individual/Small Group Pull-Out Therapy  Individual or small group therapy is the most common type of therapy here at Southwest.  Children are taken from their regular education classroom to work on individual speech and language goals in the speech and language therapy room.  This therapy model allows for a quiet, distraction-free setting with direct specialized instruction from the speech-language pathologist with frequent modeling, reinforcement, and feedback to improve communication skills. 

    Inclusion Therapy  Inclusion is typically provided for students working on language skills across a variety of settings.  This therapy model allows the speech-language pathologist to work with children in their regular classroom setting.  Sometimes the therapist provides a lesson to the entire class, co-teaches with the regular classroom teacher, and/or works with students individually within the regular classroom.