• Children love to come to "speech" because we try and make it as fun as we can!  We play games, do activities on the Active Board, read books and just try to make it enjoyable for kids while they are working on their articulation or language goals.  Our goal is for your student to meet their goals as quickly as they can so we can get them back into their classes. 
    To help our children stay motivated I like to offer some small rewards to them. When they come to speech class and work on their goals they get a sticker to put on their sticker page. When they fill a row (6 stickers), they get to pick a prize out of my prize box. This could include, pencils, rings, bracelets, balls, games, etc.
    IEP Meetings: Every year we are required to meet and discuss your child's speech and language goals. A few weeks before your child's IEP is due I will send home an invitation to invite you in for the meeting. After we meet, I will send home your copy of your child's IEP for your records. Every 3 years we are required to re-evalutate your child's speech and language skills. This is to assess if your child is still in need of services or ready to be exited. Please call me if you have any questions concerning your child's IEP.
    Speech Homework: This year we are sending home "speech homework" with all of our students again. Students are to do one activity a night (usually it takes less than 5 minutes to complete). Parents are to listen to the student and help them use their "good sounds" or work on their language goals and then mark the activity they completed. If they complete 20 or more activities in a month and bring back the calendar then the will receive a small "prize" for working on their speech outside of school. This is so important in helping the kids to learn to use their skills they are working on in speech in other settings.

    I am very excited to be working with your children this year If you have questions or concerns please either call me 336.703.4148 or e-mail at clweiss@wsfcs.k12.nc.us and I will return your call or e-mail as soon as possible.  I have a voice mail at school so if I am unable to take your call the office can transfer you to my voice mail and you can leave me a detailed message.