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    Students in WS/FCS are graded on a "10-point" scale.  Most scores are calculated on 100 points, and using the following scale, grades are determined:
    100 - 90    A = Excellent; exceeds expectations; consistently demonstrates mastery
     89 - 80     B = Very good; above expectations; demonstrates strong, consistent understanding
     79 - 70     C  = Meets expectations; demonstrates understanding
     69 - 60     D = Does not meet expectations; needs to improve; demonstrates need for further
                           understanding and practice

     59 --        F = Incomplete; does not demonstrate understanding
    While this grading scale was adopted at the state level for high school students, WS/FCS chose to use the same scale for students in grades three through eight to be consistent. The hope is that this change will allow more students to experience academic success and build their confidence for greater achievement. 

    Sometimes, activities are graded using a specific rubric.  Information concerning the rubric items will be handed out when the assignment is given. Other times, a letter grade of an A, B, C, D, or F is given.  The numerical scores of 95, 85, 75, 65, and 59 are recorded into the Gradebook.

     Be sure to check the Parent Portal to view your child's progress.  Weekly, I will enter grades that will update the "Gradebook" information.  If you have difficulty accessing your child's account, contact our Data Manager in the office.