Grading Scale and Class Guidelines Professional Behavior Expectations

    Grading Scale

    Classwork                               50%

    Tests/Quizzes                          40%

    Class Participation                  10%

    Class Guidelines Professional Behavior Expectations

    1.      Be Prompt. Be in your seat when the bell rings.


    2.      Professionalism is required. This is a business course that will assist you in preparing for your future. Our classroom atmosphere should be conducive to learning. Students need to be quiet and considerate of others at all times and take responsibility for their actions. Each student is expected to follow all school rules. Students can lose computer privileges by not following these guidelines. Students are responsible for any damages that they inflict on the equipment used in the classrooms. Each area should be neat at the end of each period. Students should not talk during class it is distracting to others and it is hard to learn and listen if you are talking.




    4.      CELL PHONES, IPODS AND CD PLAYERS ARE NOT TO BE USED IN THE CLASSROOM. Keep them in your book bag and out of site or you will be assumed to be using it.


    5.      Stay in your seat until the bell rings. If you finish your assignment early, you can read or work on other class work. You may not play games or surf the internet unless all assignments are complete.

    6.      Absences should be kept to a minimum. Following absences, it is the students responsibility to check with me for assignments missed. Being absent does not excuse you from class work. Students may come in after school on Tuesdays to make up work.


    7.      Be Positive. A positive attitude is a must in this class and in life. Remember that you are learning skills that will be beneficial to you the rest of your life.