• apple Our Daily Schedule  2014-2015
    In our kindergarten community, we provide a consistent, challenging,  child-centered educational program that
    integrates math, reading, writing, social studies, science, art, large and fine motor development,and dramatic play
    throughout the day.  Research indicates that optimal learning takes place within the context of such an integrated curriculum
    that addresses the various cognitive learning styles, emotional and physical needs of children and allows children to make choices and
    problem solve on a daily basis.  Our goal is to build lifelong learners and our curriculum is designed to lay the foundation for lifelong 
                                      learning and responsible citizenship.  Please let us know if you have any questions.
    8:05 - 9:30    Math 
        8:05 - 8: 40  Math Workshop/Centers
        8:40 - 8:55   Morning Math Meeting with Calendar, Weather, Counting Jar, Problem of Day, Greeting and Sharing
        8:55 - 9:10   Math Topic of the Day
        9:10 - 9:30   Math Focused Practice 
       9:30 - 9:40   Math Reflection/Journaling 
      9:40 - 11:10  English Language Arts  
         9:40 -  10:00Skills Building Activities:  Sounds/Letters/Sight Words 
        10:00 - 10:10 Handwriting and Sounds/Letters/Words Practice/ Have A Go!
        10:10 - 11:00 Reading and Writing Workshop/Centers and Small Differentiated Group Instruction
                                                                        to build reading and writing skills and comprehension 
        11:05- 11:10 Read Aloud and Reflection
       11:10 Lunch
       11:50 Specials:   Art, Gym, Computers, Library, Guidance
      12:30  English Language Arts (continued from morning)
                                     12:30-12:50  Quiet Reading and/or Journaling with Restful Music
                                     12:50-1:20  Recess
                                     1:20-1:30  Shared Reading with Snack /  Reading Comprehension and
                                                        Writing Workshop 
      2:00 Science and  Social Studies Centers
      2:30 Read Aloud and Closing Meeting 
      2:40 Getting Ready for Dismissal !