• Special Invitations

    You are cordially

    Invited to

    Our Curriculum


    Tuesday, September 24, 2013

    6:30 – 7:30


                      You will….

                          Learn what your child

                            Is expected to know by

                            The end of Kindergarten…


                          Learn about the Common

                                Core Standards….


                          Get acquainted with our

                            Reading, math, science,

                            And social studies curricula…


                          Receive a personal tour of our

                            Building and classroom by

                             Your favorite kindergartner…


                          Be entered in a class raffle for

                            A brand-new book…


                         And make your child very happy

                                   And proud !!!!!



    Todos ustedes están cordialmente invitados


    nuestro currículo


    Martes, Septiembre 24, 2013

    6:30 - 7:30



    Aprender Se espera que su hijo/a conozca

    al final

    del jardín...


    Conocer las normas fundamentales comunes



    Familiarizarse con la lectura,

    matemáticas, ciencias y

    estudios sociales...


    Recibir un tour personal de nuestro edificio y


    acercándose por su favorito...


    Se introduce en una clase sorteo de

    un nuevo libro…


    Y hacer que su niño se ponga muy orgullosa y feliz





     يسعدنا دعوتك


    مناهجنا الدراسية

    مساء أمس الثلاثاء

    , 24 سبتمبر, 2013

    6:30 - 7:30


    في سوف ....

    تعلم طفلك

    ومن المتوقع أن تعرف

    نهاية الروضة ...



    المعايير الأساسية المشتركة ...


    التعارف مع

    القراءة والرياضيات والعلوم

    والدراسات الاجتماعية المناهج الدراسية ...


    جولة على الشخصية من بناء



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  • Homework

    Your kindergartner will have homework Monday through Thursday nights.  This could be skill practice from something we are learning in school or a family activity based on a school learning concept. Nightly reading is expected and will sometimes involve a written response.  As the year develops, the homework may "look" different depending on the individual and group needs of the children.  Please sign your child's homework to show that you reviewed it with your child.  Your help at home is so very important !
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  • Positive Behavior Intervention

    We are a PBIS school!  (Positive Behavior Intervention System)
    What does this mean?
    This means that we are working hard to make
     South Fork the most fantastic school in Winston-Salem!
    How do we work on this each day?
    By exhibiting Dolphin PRIDE !!!! 
     P is for being prepared. R is for respect. I is for integrity.
     D is for discipline. E is for excellence.     
    Dolphin Dollars are the incentives your child will earn when he/she
     demonstrates Dolphin PRIDE.  Dolphin Dollars are redeemable at the School Store
    and can be saved for special events!
    How can you help?  Ask your child each day how she/he demonstrated Dolphin PRIDE that day and what he/she can do the following day to show Dolphin PRIDE!
    Please sign and return your Parent Contract to show your participation in Dolphin PRIDE.  Thank you!
     Each Friday your child will receive $10 Dolphin Dollars for following the PRIDE expectations:  Monday = Preparation  Tuesday = Respect
    Wednesday  = Integrity          Thursday = Discipline     Friday = Excellence 
    In addition, we use the following colors on the monthly calendar to show your child's behavior for that day: 
                          green = great day
                           yellow = lots of warnings but ok day
                           red = time outs/ uncooperative ...difficult day
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