• Transportation

    At Speas it is important that all students arrive to school safely. 
    Many of our students are bus riders. 
    Many more of our students will ride the bus for a field trip. 
    Parents please take a moment to review our Bus Expectations at
    Speas Elementary and review these expectations with your children. 
     Bus Safety for Children and Parents
    Helpful video that each student watched for bus safety
    Getting a new bus stop or request for a bus stop change.
    If, during the school year, your transportation needs change, contact me at 336.703.4135.  You can also email me at mriddick@wsfcs.k12.nc.us.
    Parents, please remember to send a note with your child if they are going to ride a different bus to or from school.  That note should include the name of the student, the regular bus number for the child, the number of the bus you wish the child to ride, and the bus stop where you would like the child to get off, then make sure the note is signed and dated.  If we do not receive a note, we will send the child home using their regular transportation.
    All parents of K-1 Bus Riders
    Important policy update
    Our school system has a new policy governing K-1 bus riders.  All K-1 bus riders must get off the bus in the care of an adult at the bus stop, or with a student is in 4th grade or above.  If there is no one to escort the student from the bus stop, the student will be taken to a school and the parent will be responsible for collecting the student.   According to the policy any student who is chronically unescorted will have their afternoon rider privileges suspended. 
    Our School System has an excellent Transportation Website for more information:
Last Modified on March 27, 2023