• We are working on being the BEST Speas Bees that we can be each and every day.  With appropriate educational opportunities, a variety of hands-on, paper pencil lessons, technology activities, and provided behavioral support, our students work on both behavioral and educational goals. 
    Each student works on their personal behavior goal(s).  Each morning the students in the classroom Check-In with a teacher and set their daily behavior goals (usually 45-56).  During the course of the day, students get a chance to earn up to 60 points.  At the end of the school day, students Check-Out with a classroom teacher.  For each day students earn their goal, they will earn a BEE.  Check-In/Check-Out sheets will be sent home each day for parent review, signature and then returned to school.  If a student returns a Check-In/Check-Out sheet they will earn another BEE.
    Speas is a PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support) School, which means that all staff members teach expected appropriate behaviors.  Speas has school wide expectations on how we act in the hallway, cafeteria, bathroom, playground, and all areas of the building.  Students are taught positive behaviors, students get opportunities to model and practice positive behaviors and when expected behaviors are not being exhibited by students staff members will use a variety of appropriate reteaching/modeling techniques.  When students are exhibiting positive behaviors they earn BEES (school wide cash) that can be spent in the school store or for monthly incentive activities/parties.
    As part of our additional support and behavior self-management we use a program that helps to teach your students to identify which "zone" they are in and how to manage themselves in each Zone.  The Zones are: Blue (tired, sick, sad), Green (good to go), Yellow (nervous, frustrated, confused), and Red (angry, upset, scared, acting out).