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    Welcome to the Specialists' Section at Union Cross! 
    Common specialist subjects are physical education, music, art,media center, but may vary from school to school.
    By their nature, specialists' classes are hands-on experiences. Teachers are able to easily observe student growth. Compared to the traditional assignments and grading of core subjects, electives teachers can use many performance assessments. For example, a grade in physical education may be from observing students run a mile. A music grade might be the successful memorization and performance of a song.
    Specialists at Union Cross may teach all students grades K-5. While the elective teacher may be instructing hundreds of students per week, she will form close relationships in this setting as she instructs the students during their whole elementary career.

    Typically, elective teachers hold a bachelor's degree in education coupled with the subject area they instruct, like art, theater, music, or Spanish. Many have completed a master's program in education or their specific field. 

    Elective teachers may be required to instruct events outside the typical school day. Music concerts, book fairs and art shows involve large amounts of planning and time to implement.

    Nonetheless, elective teachers are rewarded by providing students with real-life skills that lead to a healthy lifestyle, an appreciation and familiarity with the fine arts, or a skill that helps with job opportunities.

    The Specialists' Team...
    The specialists at Union Cross work together to provide an enjoyable and well-rounded education for our students. We support each others' programs (such as music performances, art displays, Field Day), and sponsor some special events around the school. Some of those events include the Harvest Luncheon each November and a "modified specials' day" at the end of each quarter. Specialists have also helped lead our school with the Rachel's Challenge program which promotes kindness throughout our school.



Last Modified on February 15, 2024