• My Teaching Philosophy


    My Music Education Philosophy

    Music is a univeral language that reaches all cultures and societies. Every child has innate music ability. My goal is to take their innate music ability and develop it to its highest level. In music class I have based my style of teaching on the Orff- Schulwerk pedagogoy.  This is a pedagogy created by a German composer and music education, Carl Orff who was born in 1895-1982.  Orff- Schulwerk is a way to teach and learn music. It is based on principles that chIildren already are familiar with for example  singing,dancing, and movement. The instruments used are the recorder, xylophone, metallaphones, glockenspiels, and percusiion instruments. Through this pedagogy children can  explore improvistion, creativity, and  receive cultural awareness.  I  completed my third level of Orff-Schulwerk certication in July 2010. I completed my first and third level at Winthorp University in S.C. and completed level two at University of Memphis.