• Ways to Improve Focus


      Provide a balanced breakfast.

      Limit television and video games

      Teach self-talk skills.

      Find out what interests your child.

      Promote a strong physical education program in your child's school.

      Discover your child's multiple intelligences

      Use color to highlight information.

      Teach your child to visualize.

      Remove allergens from the diet.

      Provide opportunities for physical movement.

      Enhance your child's self-esteem. 

      Provide a variety of stimulating learning activities. 

      Teach your child physical-relaxation techniques. 

      Provide positive role models.

      Channel creative energy into the arts.

      Provide hands-on activities

      Spend positive times together.

      Provide appropriate spaces for learning. 

      Help your child with organizational skills.

      Help your child appreciate the value of personal effort.

      Teach your child focusing techniques.

      Provide immediate feedback.

      Provide your child with access to a computer.

      Teach problem-solving skills.

      Offer your child real-life tasks to do.

      Use "time-out" in a positive way.

      Help your child develop social skills.

      Contract with your child.

      Use effective communication skills.

      Give your child choices.

      Establish consistent rules, routines, and transitions.

      Hold family meetings.

      Have your child teach a younger child.

      Use natural and logical consequences.

      Hold a positive image of your child.