• Mr. Caudle Third Grade Morning AG Class
    Afternoon class list is below morning list.
    Third Grade Morning AIG for Mr. Caudle (do not purchase strike through items)

    School System List 

              box of 24 crayons

              glue sticks

              pack of # 2 pencils

              erasers (pencil top and others)

              2- boxes of tissues

              box of washable markers (optional)

                 •          packs of loose leaf paper (wide rule)

              pencil pouch / zippered only

              3- composition notebooks (wide rule, different color covers, style is unimportant)

              3 -solid colored 2 pocket folders (different colors)

              1 “ 3 ring binder

              book bag/back pack (no wheels)

              hand sanitizer  (Purell/Dial/GermX)

              1- box zip-lock  bags (quart)

    NO NOTEBOOKS, TRAPPER KEEPERS, or PENCIL BOXES NEEDED.  Desk space is limited, and we do share desks when we switch to afternoon classes. 
    Mr. Caudle Third Grade Afternoon Class

    ·        2 pencils

    ·        1 RED pen (fine line or ballpoint)

    ·        1 two pocket folder

    ·        1 box crayons

    ·   One box of Kleenex