• Tiger TV Information for Students and Parents  internet

    Every student will be allowed to perform (as talent/on-air announcers) on Tiger TV throughout the school year.  Each homeroom spends one week in Tiger TV starting with 5th grade moving all the way down to kindergarten.  The upper grades use cue sheets and practice scripts in the morning prior to the live broadcast at 8:20 am.  Scripts such as lunch and trivia will be given to all classes ahead of time.  Lower grades receive the more-detailed scripts ahead of time to rehearse at home, in class, etc.  The show includes daily weather, lunch, birthdays, trivia, welcome and farewell.  Special broadcasts include Sports Report Monday, Tuesday Tunes, and Feature Friday.  Performing as an broadcast announcer is optional for all students. 
    For the week of each student's scheduled homeroom class to be the 'talent' --all students must report to Tiger TV no later than 8:10 to rehearse.  Please rehearse with your child!!  Students who have rehearsed their scripts sound more professional and natural on the air.  It is obvious when a student has come unprepared.  All children will have cue cards or cue sheets available in Tiger TV.  No student is expected to memorize their scripts.  It is nice; however, for students to be very familiar with their scripts so they can smile into the camera.  Weather scripts, sports report, and Feature Friday scripts are not available in advance.  I tell students to practice in front of a mirror! 
    Tiger TV is run by a crew of 5th graders who go through an application process.  The crew for the 2018-19 has already been selected.  Crew members must follow the schedule that will be posted on the Tiger TV door.   Crew members who fail to show up 2 times during their assigned day/time will forfeit their position. (Excused absences do not count toward forfeiture.) Crew members can terminate their position on Tiger TV at any time. The current schedule is posted in each 5th grade classroom and outside of Tiger TV.  It is the responsibility of the crew member to show up as scheduled without an unexcused absence.