Welcome Back!
     1st Quarter
    This is going to be an exciting quarter to get back into the routine of school! 
    We have so much learning to do...so lets get started!
    Math - We will be reviewing addition and subtraction with single digit numbers as well as introducing addition and subtraction with 2-digit numbers.  We will review place value through the tens and begin looking at the hundreds place. The students will also work with odd and even numbers, skip counting, and learning to tell time.  We will do a lot of work with problem solving as well using all of these concepts!
    Reading - We will be working in the same series as the students did in 1st grade...Imagine It!  This is a wonderful toll to learn a wide range of items.  Throughout the units we will work on phonics, fluency, decoding, vocabulary, and comprehension.  This will occur while we are reading a wide range of texts.
    Writing - Over the course of the school year we will be working on writing personal narratives.  We will start the year by working on starting with a graphic organizer and then writing paragraph.  We will progress to the place where we can write a full 5 paragraph paper by the end of the year.
    Science -We will begin talking about Life Cycles!  This is a very fun and exciting unit!
    Social Studies - Towards the middle of the quarter we will begin looking at Government and Citizenship.