What to Expect in Ms. Nightingales 2nd Grade Class3


    Every child will need to bring their own snack each day.  Children may bring drinks as well, but water will be available.  I do ask that the snacks consist of healthy choices such as crackers, cereals, fruits.  Candy and soda are discouraged.


    Official homework will begin after Labor Day.  Children will receive review homework to get in the practice starting next week.  2nd grade children are required to have 30-45 minutes of skills homework Monday through Thursday.  There will be no Friday or weekend homework.  Each child is expected to read self selected books or other literature 15-20 minutes an evening.  I try to assign homework that will not take longer than 30 minutes.  Please contact me if homework is taking your child any longer than 45 minutes and I will modify as needed.


    Our lunch begins at 12:30.  If you plan on eating with your child for lunch you may check in at the office and meet us in the cafeteria.  You may have your child sit with you at the parent table located in the cafeteria or you may sit at the classroom table with your child.  Classroom friends are not permitted to sit at the parent table.


    Due to scheduling, our class will be split into thirds for specials.  Your child will be assigned a group A, B, or C.  I will post the specials for each group on the Peek of the Week.  Please be sure that your child is prepared for the specials, meaning on PE day they need to be wearing tennis shoes and on Library day to bring their books.


    Our classroom behavior will operate on a positive plan called the OK system.  Each child will receive an OK to put in their chart pocket each day.  They can receive more OKs each time they show that they have gone above and beyond in academics, friendship, helpfulness, effort, and honesty.  At the end of the week they will receive incentives based on the number of OKs they received.  There will not be a daily behavior note sent home.  Consequences for inappropriate choices will depend on the inappropriate choice.  This can include time out, silent snack or silent lunch, isolated seating. If there is a problem I will contact you directlyJ   There is zero tolerance for fighting and bullying.  These are the only offenses that would require a student from our class to go to the office.  All other behaviors will be dealt with between student, parent, and teacher.

    Birthday Parties

    Birthdays are very important to young children.  If you would like for your child to share their birthday at school with friends I am very flexible.  Please contact me and we can schedule a time that does not interfere with academic events.

    Field Trips

    2nd grade goes on 4 field trips throughout the year.  Typically we do not need parent chaperones for our trips, however if you would like to share the experience with your child you may meet us at the field trip site and pay the site fee.

    Tardiness/Early dismissal

    The school opens at 7:25.  Please do not drop your children off earlier than 7:25.  The tardy bell rings at 7:55.  If you are late, please stop by the office to get a tardy slip.  Ten tardies equals 1 absence.  Early dismissal needs to go through the office.  Please do not come to the back to get your child.  I cannot let anyone in through the back door!