• PE Homework...WHAT??
    Did you know the more active you are the better you feel?  So each night you need to try and get at least 30-60 minutes of exercise at home.  Here are some games you can play with your friends and family!   
    • Hide and Seek, Hospital Tag, Partner Tag, Simon Says, I see, I see 

    ·                   Playing Cards

    Play Cards: Using a standard card deck, assign an activity to each of the four suits (ex: jumping in place, running in place, sit ups, squats). Pass out a card to each student and they have to do the activity for that suit for 20 seconds. have students pass their cards to their neighbor and repeat for 5 passes. add a twist: have students perform the activity the number of times designated on the card.

    ·                   Coin Toss

    Coin Toss: teacher or designated student flips a coin. If the coin lands on heads, do 5 squats; if the coin lands on tails, do 5 elbows to knees (march in place and alternate—lift right knee and touch with left elbow, lift left knee and touch with right elbow). vary the activities for heads and tails such as toe taps (pick an imaginary spot on the floor about 1.5 feet in front of you, quickly alternate tapping your left and right toes on to that spot), lunges, and quick steps (run in place as fast as possible).

    ·                   Fitness Dice

    Use two dice. assign each number of the dice a physical activity. roll one dice to determine the number of times the activity will be done. roll the other dice to determine the activity. examples of physical activities include: march in place, elbows to knees, reverse lunges, heel walks.