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                   BEAR-Y BEST BEHAVIOR
    School should provide a warm and caring atmosphere for all children, so that they can feel happy, safe, and eager to learn.In order to provide all students with an excellent learning environment, I am using the plan outlined below.
    Classroom Rules
    1. We listen carefully.
    2. We raise our hands to talk.
    3. We stay in our own space.
    4. We are kind to each other.
    5. We take care of our materials.
    6. We try to do our best work.
    Children will start the day with a green card in the behavior chart. If rules are broken, cards may be changed to yellow, red, or removed completely from the behavior chart. Children with at least one card remaining in the behavior chart, at the end of the day, will bring home a "Good Note". This note will indicate how many cards, if any, were removed that day. This will enable you to keep up with your child's behavior on a daily basis.
    Rewards For Good Behavior
    Praise, Hugs, Extra "Free Play", Treats, Stickers, Fun Jobs, Awards, Happy Grams, "Good Notes"
    Consequences For Misbehavior
    1. Teacher will give at least 2 warnings.
    2. Teacher will apply a consequence appropriate for the offense. This may be the lost of one or more behavior cards, loss of some "free play", loss of rewards or treats, or may result in "time out".
    3. Teacher will notifyparents of the problem by phone call or note home.
    4. If a child breaks the rules repeatedly and the above procedures are ineffective, we will notify the Principal or the Assistant Principal.
    ** Severe disruptions: The Principal or Assistant Principal will be notified immediately and all behavior cards are removed.