• check mark   Kindergarten High Frequency Words
    Kindergarten children will be assessed each quarter on their progress toward learning to recognize/read all 53 words listed below. They must be able to recognize the words at random. Working to learn these words should be part of your child's daily routine at home. I will move children to the first grade list, and beyond, as they are successful with the Kindergarten list.
    a  all  and  as  at  be  black  blue  boy  brown  but  can  did  do  down  for
    go  green  had  has  have  he  her  him  his  I  in  is  it  little  of  on  orange
    out  red  said  see  she  some  that  the  then  there  they  to  up  was  we 
    were  white  with  yellow  you