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             Reading Around The Environment


    Your child will start off this school year reading what we call environmental print. It is the print of everyday life. Your child "reads" it every day and typically he or she is comfortable with it. It is rich with experiences unique to him/her and to your family: like going out to eat.

    The class will be using a formal reading program also, but reading environmental print is a good place for your child to begin to learn to read.

    To support the environmental-print reading program in our classroom,  I want you to save labels. Here is how. When your child eats at his favorite restaurant, buys a toy at his favorite store, eats his favorite cereal, or buys his favorite brand-name shoe, save the label. Send it to school. I will add it to our classroom "reading bag." We will use the labels for reading, graphing, and comparison activities. Then they will be posted on a wall display entitled, Hey, I Can Read This!

    We will read print from the reading bag daily, so send examples just as soon as you can. Save those labels!

    Thank you,
    Ms. Cooke
    Mrs. Bostic