• To My Rising First Graders!

    Posted by Sandra Cooke on 7/24/2010 7:00:00 PM
    children at desks             You're On Your Way
                                          To First Grade!
    Dear Girls and Boys,
    I've had a "fun" summer so far! I've spent some time in South Carolina, had some fun at the lake, and enjoyed reading books. I'll be going to the beach soon, and will LOVE walking on the beach to look for special shells!
    How about you? Please write back and let me know what kinds of things you've been doing on your summer vacation.
    Are you getting excited about being in first grade? You learned so much in Kindergarten! I know you'll have lots of fun and do a GREAT job in first grade!
    I hope to hear from you soon!
    Ms. Cooke
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  • Time For School!

    Posted by Sandra Cooke on 8/3/2010
      stick figure teacher    It's almost time to start a brand new year! I am so excited about meeting all my new "KinderBears" and their parents!! I've been busy trying to get our room ready for lots of fun and excitement. What have you been doing to get ready for school?
    The fun is about to begin...I'll see you soon in "KinderBear Corner"!
    Ms. Cooke
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