• Math (3)

    Battle of Baltimore
    There is a multimedia presentation on the Battle of Baltimore during the War of 1812.
    This site provides information about the Earth's biomes.
    Food Chains/Webs
    This site contains activities to help identify food chains and parts of food chains
    Forces and Motion
    This site contains a list of numerous activities that will help students learn about different forces and motions.
    Lewis and Clark Expedition
    This link shows the route Lewis and Clark took while exploring the Louisiana Purchase. It also provides information about what they discovered as well as games for the kids related to the information.
    Revolutionary War
    Provides a webquest about the Revolutionary War as well as websites that can be helpful in finding information.
    Revolutionary War 2
    Provides a list of websites to find information on the Revolutionary War.
    Water Cycle
    This links provides background information about the water cycle. It also allows the students to manipulate the weather in an area called the weather maker.
    Weather Predictions
    This site gives students the opportunity to forecast and predict the weather using weather information and maps.
    weather sites
    This site gives a wide range of information about weather. It provides animated clips as well as general information.