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    Will I eat lunch at school?

    A balanced and nutritious lunch is served daily in the cafeteria, where, for a minimal fee, students may purchase a plate lunch and/or "a' la Carte" items.  In order to encourage sound nutrition, we discourage the purchase of more than one sweet dessert item per child; however, purchase of fruits and salads in addition to the plate lunch is unlimited.

    There should be no charging of meals. (Board Policy #AR3542.1)  The school system recognizes that students occasionally forget to bring their lunch or the money to purchase a meal.  A student, in that case, may request a voucher from the teacher, enabling him/her to receive a vegetable (except French-fries), two rolls, and a ½ pint of milk from the school cafeteria for 50 cents.  A copy of the voucher will be sent home for reimbursement for the cost of the meal.

    There are free and reduced rate breakfast and lunch programs for those who qualify.

    Breakfast Prices          Lunch Prices

    $1.90                             $2.70

    $.50       (milk only)        $.50

    FREE      (reduced rate)  $.40

    Adult Breakfast Entree   $1.75 

    Adult Lunch Entree        $2.25

    Adult Fruit or Vegetable $.75
Last Modified on January 23, 2017