• Night Portfolio Requirements

    1.  Learning Stations packet
    2.  Reading Log
    3.  Pre Reading Survey
    4.  Journal Prompts
    5.  Discussion Questions
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  • Night Discussion Questions

    1.  When and where was the author's early boyhood spent?
    2.  How did people respond to Moshe the Beadel's stories about the Gestapo?
    3.  List three rights the Jews of Sighet lost by decree?
    4.  What did the jews think might be the reason for their deportation?
    5.  What did Mme. Shacter scream about and how did her dream come true?
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  • Nigh Journal Prompts

    In Eli Wiesel's Night, the Nazi's force the Jewish community into the ghetto of Sighet. What must the community give up and how do they adapt to the changes in their lives?
    Think of a time of drastic change in your life?  What changes did you make in order to adapt to the new circumstances?
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